Riley Black Chevron fabric and American Fabric

Hello everyone!

today I want to share with you some frustration about being a sewing lover ( and a fabric lover) in Italy and not in USA!

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Fabric and haberdashery in Italy

Hi everyone!

today I will share with you my consideration on fabric and haberdashery ( zippers, buttons bias binding, grosgrain, underlining, etc) in Italy.,

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1st ever Green Maxi Dress!

Hello everybody!

Maxi dresses are a must. A fashion that is getting really strong all over the world and doesn’t seem to die. Well I love them, they make me feel so Summer and spring! With a lot of possibility and cool stuff to do, because they are so comfortable and so easy to do!

This is my very first dress. I made it all by my self in april 2014.

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Hello Everybody!

I’m Vanessa, I come from Rome but my passion for sawing started in the Netherlands!

Long story short I had a lot of time to spent and a lot cold outside, so I bought my self a sewing machine! ( very cheap very basic but steady and strong). ( The other reason is that I have a very curvy body… lets simply say that from chest to bottom I have 2 size difference…)

and since then my passion grow!

My mum and my daddy are very crafty persons, my mum used to sew dresses for us and then i tought, why she can and I cannot? So i started and this was only a year ago!

I will tell you all the projects that I accomplished in this year that came out ok and those that didn’t! XD And of course what new on my table!