Black Friday Pattern Shopping!!

Hello Everybody!!!

Thanksgiving is not an European Festivity, but we start taking some benefits from it too!

Black fridy, tipical day after thanksgiving where in USA, everything is on sale, is starting to take roots also here in Europe !

I didn’t found any fabric shop that is actually doing reductions in Rome… but on-line there are plenty of shops that do! and so… Pattern Shopping!!! 😀

I tried limiting my self… so I bought only 2 Dear&DOE patterns:

La robe Belladone that I’ve seen so many times realised by many of you


and la Robe Bleuet that have bottonholes and a fantastic Bow on the back!


They both are perfect for my 2016 Sewing Objectives in learning how to do create something beautiful!

I also Bought something from Sewaholic! ( they had free shipping and 20 percent off!)

ALMA Blouse


Cambie Dress



Cordova Jacket








I’m so happy and excited! 😀 ( also beacuse this means that i can buy Fabric for them!)

And you? have you bought some patterns during Blackfriday?

Let me know!




Sewing School!


Hello EveryBody!!!

As the title of the blog says I’m a novice sewer!

Come dice il titolo del blog io sono una principiante…e anche molto direi!

My plan is to get better at this sewing business! I tought about taking a class… but! Here in Rome they are very expensive, they are during working hours, and they teach you basics stuff, like a pencil skirt and a darted bodice, and I already know how to do that!

Ovviamente i miei piani sono di migliorare le mie skills e le mie capacitá. Avevo pensato di seguire un corso di cucito basico….ma… qui a Roma sono molto cari, vengono fatti durante gli orari di ufficio o la sera tardi, e ti insiegnano cose basilarissime come ad esempio la gonna a tubino o il corpetto con due cugni semplice semplice, cose che io so gia faree!

So I wuold like to teach my self to better sew! I have in mind to learn by doing… and to practice what I learned!

Per cui ho deciso che saró l’insegnante di me stessa… e impareró facendo e praticando quello che ho imparato, con un sacco di errori!

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Chirstmas Gifts! Pouch!

Hello there!

Christmas is coming! ( …. references to GOT are absolutley intended LoL)

SO i tought that sewing something for my friends would be a nice gift for the holidays, and a nice why to practice my sewing skills!


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Sewing Space Series – Part 1

Hello everybody!

The other day I told you about my moving, and moving my stash… I have to plan the space from scratch!

Until now, like many of us, I’ve always sewn in my living room, with all that comes with that, Named MESS with a Capital M, the need to set the tools,  all the room invaded by sewing materials, my boyfriend ( now husband, it feel so strange to say that!) compalining because i was always loosing pins all over the place! XD But also the need to stop when it was time to eat, to clean in depth all the room and so on….

So now that we have an Estra room, I would like it to be a bit more “stable” and less messy. I really want it to become confortable, and calming, and I want it to reflect how I feel when I’m sewing. And that If i leave my unfinish project on the table, it feels right to leave it there, because is where it is supposed to be…

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H&M Red Dress – DARTED.

Hello Every One!

Today I would like to share with you some shopping I made a few days ago…and it was a studied shopping! Continue reading

Old Spools Reels Peplum Top!

Hello everybody!

have you noticed that I have a passion for old Spools? well… the main picture in this blog is not a coincidence, I’ve also Made a top Out of it!! 🙂

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