Chirstmas Gifts! Pouch!

Hello there!

Christmas is coming! ( …. references to GOT are absolutley intended LoL)

SO i tought that sewing something for my friends would be a nice gift for the holidays, and a nice why to practice my sewing skills!


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H&M Red Dress – DARTED.

Hello Every One!

Today I would like to share with you some shopping I made a few days ago…and it was a studied shopping! Continue reading

1st ever Green Maxi Dress!

Hello everybody!

Maxi dresses are a must. A fashion that is getting really strong all over the world and doesn’t seem to die. Well I love them, they make me feel so Summer and spring! With a lot of possibility and cool stuff to do, because they are so comfortable and so easy to do!

This is my very first dress. I made it all by my self in april 2014.

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Scraps of Fabric!

pearl necklineEvery body know that after sewing something there are some scraps left.

Either is just a few pieces or a bigger scraps ( because you bought way toooo much fabric for the project you wanted to realize) there will always be some scraps left.

But I hate to throw away stuff that I bought and I like to reuse them.. and this is the Result!  Continue reading