Chirstmas Gifts! Pouch!

Hello there!

Christmas is coming! ( …. references to GOT are absolutley intended LoL)

SO i tought that sewing something for my friends would be a nice gift for the holidays, and a nice why to practice my sewing skills!


I choose a bright shade of fluo Pink, with rufles on the side, and a basic cream color for the rest of the pouch. In the back I decided to make my life easy, by continuing the pink stripe.

As final touch I added an orange Zipper for a little colorblocking:)



This project was very instructive for me! I made 5 pouches, the first one was horrible…. see How the zipper is not finishing nicely, and the border in the central stripe is difficult to look to??

IMG_7901 (1).JPG

But I learnt a lot, and the last 3 pouches was very nice 🙂

I learned how to insert rufflesIMG_7912.JPGIMG_7913.JPGIMG_7915.JPGIMG_7920.JPG

and how to inset a visibile zipper correclty….


and to make corners appear as 90 degree anles insted of bumpy corners!

IMG_7944.JPGas I said the last 3 pouches came out pretty well!

I stuffed them inside with Bio Shampoos, sock and parfum samples!

what do you think? will my friend like them?

Let’s hope the gift will be appreciated!!!

Happy Sewing!



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