Sewing Space Series – Part 1

Hello everybody!

The other day I told you about my moving, and moving my stash… I have to plan the space from scratch!

Until now, like many of us, I’ve always sewn in my living room, with all that comes with that, Named MESS with a Capital M, the need to set the tools,  all the room invaded by sewing materials, my boyfriend ( now husband, it feel so strange to say that!) compalining because i was always loosing pins all over the place! XD But also the need to stop when it was time to eat, to clean in depth all the room and so on….

So now that we have an Estra room, I would like it to be a bit more “stable” and less messy. I really want it to become confortable, and calming, and I want it to reflect how I feel when I’m sewing. And that If i leave my unfinish project on the table, it feels right to leave it there, because is where it is supposed to be…

So yesterday I went in the new appartment and took some mesurment! ( no pictures wet as the room has some boxes and other forniture in it and its messy!!!)

those are the dimensions of the room



The room is painted in a slightly yellow white, that you can see only if you want to see it… XD

It has a white wardrobe ( that I painted my self, because it was of an UGLY somethingverysmelly brown like color  when we got it. it’s ugly also now, but at least white is a color that you can look at)

so we have sort of an alcove at the end of the room and big window very close.

We where thinking about putting a desk there, but I would like to have a table that I can move and turn around when cutting patterns…

Which side do you think I should put the table? Do we have to fit 2 tables into the room? One for the PC and the other for me or can we have the space to fit both into one desk?

What should I do? I’m open to suggestion!!



4 thoughts on “Sewing Space Series – Part 1

  1. Hi, I would put one big table 90° to the window so that you have light coming from your left or right, depending which side you sit on it and if you’re left or right handed. The computer should be placed at the far end so that you sit facing the window (that way you can relax your eyes now and again and you don’t get any reflexion in the screen.

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  2. If you are right-handed then the light should come from the left, and vice versa. That’s so your hand doesn’t shade your work. I also think that you shouldn’t face a window when working on a computer – I think you would find that there would be too much glare shining right in your eyes. And I think I would separate the computer and the sewing as much as possible.

    What I would like is a place for my sewing machine and a table at a right angle to the sewing machine table for doing non-sewing work (like pinning pattern pieces together, or basting, or whatever) and for holding the pattern pieces that you are not currently working on. You also need a comfortable chair that can be adjusted to fit and that swivels. And storage drawers that slide under your work table.

    You don’t cut out patterns all the time so how about a folding table that you can put aside when you don’t need it? There are plenty available, just Google “folding table”.


    1. Thank you for the Great Adivise!!!!
      for the PC sadly I’m forced to share the space… we only have that spare room for all of us.
      I introduced the idea of the folding table to my husband… I was worried! hahaha lets see what happens!

      thank you again!


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