Mexico Maxi Dress!

Ciao Everybody!

have i mentioned that I will leave very soon for a vacation in Mexico?

and for the occasion I’ve made a dress!

In July 2014 I got my master degree in Business ( after several years of working and studying at the same time) and considering the VERY big event, my boyfriend gave me this vacation as a gift for both of us! the only thing was that the vacation was scheduled in December!! ( 6 longggg months)

but time is inevitable and here we are almost ready to go!!! i’m so excited! I will tell you all about it after! 🙂

so in July i started planning what to wear and what to buy ( because now in Italy it’s winter, and is impossible to find summer cloths or fabric or anything related to summer.) and then I saw this fabric that I LOVE.


it makes me feel so summer, and hot, and cool! perfect for a Mexican Maxi Dress! i took 3 meters of this light weight cotto and paid 10 euros! ( really it’s like 7 dollars)

and the I started!

I used the Basic bodice pattern ( of course! XD ) but modified the neck adapting it to a top tank, and then cutted 2 triangular hugeeee pieces of fabric for the skirt.

I made 2 small darts on the back of the skit ( that do NOT match the darts of the bodice , shame of me) and 2 big pleats in the front the DO match the Front darts ( it would have been to much for me otherwise XD) No zipper. And i cutted in bias the fabric left for the finishing of the neckline and the armhole and then Handstiched! (DOH)

IMG_7763 IMG_7762


I love the result… but it was so simple! and I wanted it to be special!

so I decided to attach some breads on it.

IMG_7846 IMG_7961

It take AGES! but I love the result! I still need to complete some palm and a flower in the front and I’m done!

I will post some pictures form Mexico and see how it fits with the panorama!!

Ciao and happy sewing!



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