H&M Red Dress – DARTED.

Hello Every One!

Today I would like to share with you some shopping I made a few days ago…and it was a studied shopping!

I bought this H&M Dress, RED ( not really my most used color) , a bias cutted dress in a fabric that is similar to chiffon. One of those dresses that need to be perfectly fit for you, or it wont be flattering on you.

As many of you know Bias cutted Dresses on chiffon are not so easy to sew, or at least, I’m a bit afraid of them, the fabric goes everywhere and you have unwanted pleats etc.

This dress that on the back is like really fluent and on the front was very large and not defined ( I didn’t take a picture of the dress before sewing, shame on me, but it is like the picture on the right, only in Red and without sleeves:) )


Normally I would not buy dresses like this. Because the fact that is not defined in the front makes me look even bigger that I am and also Pregnant. ( I have a few pros and they need to be glorified 😉 )


the dress was Bias cutted! With a silly price! (25 Euros not even the cost of the fabirc and the time used on it ( a lot because it was on bias!) ) and it is so nice with some lace on the arm hole and the neck, and the back falls so nicely…. so long story short I bought it with the clear intention of DARTING it ( i don’t even know if  “to dart” is a verb, but it really fits the scope of this post! XD) i tried it on at the shop and manipulated the fabric into darts to see the result and after , only after, I decided to take it 😀

So soon after I implemented my decision of applying darts on It.


made a few tentatives


and then


sewed the all thing!

I’m So Very Proud of it! Now the dress fits perfectly in the front and in the back and it  empathize the good things hides the bad ( that is the scope of why I dress my self 😛 XD )

Even if it’s not made by my self, the fact that i was able to analyze the composition of the dress, how easily it can be done or modified, considering pros and cons and alterations, was something that I couldn’t do a year ago ( when I thought that making even a  napkin was impossible for me). that make me so proud. 🙂

And what about you? have you bought a dress with the intention of modifying it?

Let me know!

Ciao and happy sewing!



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