Old Spools Reels Peplum Top!

Hello everybody!

have you noticed that I have a passion for old Spools? well… the main picture in this blog is not a coincidence, I’ve also Made a top Out of it!! 🙂

I found this fabric on etsy and I love it.


With it, as the title suggests I’ve made a Peplum top!

I’ve used the Basic Bodice Pattern I’ve talked you about in my previous post and added an extra layer of fabric at the bottom. The layer has 2 big pleats continuing the darts ( and hinding the belly 😉  )


for the back, no pleats, but I divided the back in 3 pieces of fabric, trying to adapt the fabric to the shape of my body ( BIG BIG body :P)



I finished the all thing with some bias binding for the armhole, an invisible zipper on the side  and a simple hem for the bottom.


I’m so proud of this top!!! not only because I LOVE the fabric ( loving the color, the texture, the weight, Love it love it love it) but also because a part for the bodice, the “Peplum”  layer I’ve made it my self, with no pattern, but shaping the all thing on myself and I’m really proud of that.

I also had some problems with the neck, some gaping that I fixed adding some interfacing to make it a bit more resistant and structured.

I think that this type of top is really suited for curvy woman Like me, it hides the thing that are to hide, and put in evidence what is good! 😉

Ciaooo and happy sewing to everybody!



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