The Basic Bodice Pattern

Hello Everyone!

today i want to talk you about my Basic Bodice Pattern!

As the title of my blog suggests, i’m a novice seamstress and seamstress is a really big word, lets say apprentice.

I started sewing 1 year ago and from then tried to undertake small step improvement in my skills and realize harder projects

This is the 1st bodice I’ve ever made. the simplest, easiest, practical, guaranteed bodice patter ever.

2 vertical darts and that’s it. finished. VEEEEEEEEEERY simple.

The zipper is optional and on the side…let’s say that the zipper is a little bit harder that assembling the top.. but is manageble.

Everything started with my mom’s Phobia for complicated patterns. Even thought she’s really good, she doesn’t like assembling parts. She finds it very frustrating and a useless waist of time and energy, when everything can be obtained with a simpler pattern.  ( and in part I agree with her)

so i started practicing with this patter, creating my first dresses like the Little black dress, The Gala dress  ( and a few others that you will see soon that I already made)

I’ve made this pattern in several versions, altering the front or the back neckline, or transforming it to a tank-top

this is my GO SURE NOTHING WRONG WILL HAPPEN PATTERN. I’ve tried it with different fabrics, skirts and finishing and I love it. I think that i perfect for beginners and to make practice with first creations.

I’m preparing different things with it like the Peplum Top and the Mexican Maxi Dress. ( I both adore them)

Do you have a preferred bodice pattern too? let me know!

Stay tuned!!



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