Riley Black Chevron fabric and American Fabric

Hello everyone!

today I want to share with you some frustration about being a sewing lover ( and a fabric lover) in Italy and not in USA!

In a previous post THIS I’ve already told you my frustration about how difficult it is to find nice fabric here in Rome and shared with you some links where I find fabric; one of the is the internet of course.

I’ve bought several yards of fabric, but. there is a but. buying from the internet requires attention, luck and considerations about VAT and taxes and shipments fees etc.

I’ve found sooooo many great fabric retailer on the internet, 90% coming from USA, where quilting has a strong history and there is a great market and also has great Taxes! is not convenient, even with the actual change rate Dollar VS Euro to buy Fabric coming form the States.  the shipments fee are high and if your parcel is worth more that 20 euros you are stopped for taxes( I did once, and paid A LOT)

I’ve fallen in love with this fabric

from this retailer Riley Black Designs. I see this fabric in every interior design blog I see,  in every pinterest post about bags I look at. And I really like it! I have in mind great stuff for this fabric! Totes, Napkins, Baby Blankets, Pillows!

But it comes from USA and i cannot afford to pay the double of the actual price to buy it 😦

did you have a similar experience? if in Europe do you know where to buy it?

or, if lucky enough to be in USA, did you used it for your projects?




9 thoughts on “Riley Black Chevron fabric and American Fabric

  1. Awww that sucks so bad!! I live in the usa so I am very lucky but I have never used this fabric! But I want to now! Too bad there isn’t a way to not pay a ton in shipping 😦


  2. The fabric is very nice. You should try to find it on Etsy. You might be able to find it from a European seller, then the shipping would be cheaper. I had a similar dilemma trying to locate Harris Tweed in the US. It’s super expensive European wool plus the shipping was to much. It’s for a coat, then I found a cheaper wool here in the us, since it will be my first coat. Good luck with finding the fabric!


    1. thanks! so you perfectly understand What i feel! so many Ideas and Hints but no fabric! But I’m looking for it ( almost everyday, I will not give up! and it makes a perfect excuse to plan a trip in the States! 😉
      please share with us the Coat you are making! 😉


  3. I am always finding stuff from the USA, not just for shipping, but as you said, import duty too. Maybe we should stop buying stash and save what we’d spend for a trip over there? No, you are right, we’ll never stop buying stash!


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