DIY Princess GALA Ball Gown

Gala 2

HI Everyone!

I’m soooo excited today! I finally can show you all the Dress I’ve made for the Christmas GALA I went on Saturday!

Me and my boyfriend were invited to a GALA, a very formal event, with very formal dress code obligation.

I’ve told you all that I work part-time for an engineering company, and frankly, I don’t have any spare money to spend in ultra-expansive dresses that I will never wear again…so… I decided to Sew it!

Gala 1

I spent 90 euros for the total dress. I bought a slightly pearled dark blue cotton, very easy to sew, no fraying, no fabric that goes every where; the cotton was steady, easy to sew  and to pin in place. I started working at it a month ago, but have to admit that it didn’t have so many pieces so it was quite quick to realize

IMG_7236 (1)

I used the same bodice pattern of the Little Black Dress 2 vertical darts and a large neckline, a bit enlarged in the back to show a little more of the shoulders with an invisible zipper under the arm. I used that patter for the bodice because it’s my “I’m sure i’m not doing something stupid because I’ve already tried it” pattern

The Skirt has a little tray and it’s made from a Burda Bridal Pattern

IMG_7227 (1)Gala 5

On the back section, in the middle


I inserted an additional  rectangular chiffon layer, to give fluidity to the dress and to recall the scarf I had on the shoulders.


I added a belt and garnished the closure of the belt with some fabric roses and leaves and added some swaroswky crystals on the top of the roses

And this is the final result

1Gala 4

the overall was covered with the Cape my mom did when she was My age for the same event 🙂

Gala 3

We Had a wonderful time at party, I really felt very happy in that gown, that came out so wonderfully and made me feel like a princess for one night!

Gala 2

Now i’m bagging for another gala because I want the excuse to make another one!!!  :D:D:D:D




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