Fabric and haberdashery in Italy

Hi everyone!

today I will share with you my consideration on fabric and haberdashery ( zippers, buttons bias binding, grosgrain, underlining, etc) in Italy.,

if you want to know more about this  Continue reading! 🙂

1 thing that I learned from my many trips and periods abroad, is that sewing and quilting are very national things. The techniques might be the same , but every country has it’s traditions, styles and interest in those fields.

By now i lived in 4 european countries: Belgium, UK, The Netherlands and Italy.

I can tell you that each  country has their difference. My point is mainly directed towards people’s attention for sewing. I can say that if in Belgium, Uk, and Holland, it is very considered, in Italy absolutely not. Or its starts to be again, but not enough. it’s still considered something that old ladies do, or something done to repair things, not to create something beautiful. ( of course this do not apply for Valentino, Armani, Dolce e gabbana etc. but to normal people)

Going to the marketplace in Europe you can find several stands with great fabric, several with a great quantity of accessories for sewing, Stand with handcrafted stuff, ideas, and new stuff. That is the point. NEW stuff. New fabrics. with nice designs, or texture, new trims that can go with it.

for example this is the floral fabric my mom bought in the Netherlands at the marketplace, we made a douvet with it!


in Italy I personally have a lot of difficulty. I come from Rome, and in Rome there are several shops and places where to buy fabric. BUT. BUT.BUT.

Or is very expansive. Or is very Old.

the famous shops in the center of Rome are very well known for the quality of the fabric, but are also super expansive and not so renewed. The cheaper ones have only old patterns, old graphics, old trims, i cannot find a place with a glims of modernity in those shops.

They all seems dusty and a little bit humid. ( by all means I was almost buying a dotted cotton, Luckley I opened it up and it was all stained because the shop was humid. they had to trough out a whole stash of that)

they to not sell patterns, or trim in the same shop and if they do, they are from the 80ties ( and personally If I could I would permanently delete that fashion period)

I had a very hard time finding a 20 cm red invisible zipper. IN ROME. Italy’s capital ( I had a lady trying selling me a 60 cmq grey zipper instead of the one that I wanted, I personally was shocked by that) i’m still looking for a good Place to go, if you know any please share!

To avoid that I have only 2 places that I know will not deceive me.

the internet, there, paying attention to taxes and shipping rates, I bought something nice ( that you will see soon) and the second is Diffusione Tessile. This shop sells dresses for woman. and is a department shop for Maxmara, Max&co, Weekend etc. ( all labels that I love) but it sell also the fabric used for those dresses!! and that is amazing, Silk, chiffon and modern prints all in one shop! the only down side is that they give you already cutted pieces of 1.30 each.  and that limits the possibilities for dress making ( no long dresses for examples) but I love them anyway, the Green Maxi dress, the cape  and the MaxMara lining and several other dresses I made out of their fabric.

also this Silk scarf that I made of wedding of a friend of mine 🙂


Have you ever tried buying fabric and trims in Rome? was your experience as bad as mine? please share below!




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