Little Black dress!

Hello everybody!

Wanna know more about my second solo dress? I made a Little Black dress!

I well know Mine is not as nice as the one Audrey has but….


The colour is black because black is a girl best friend! ( also Diamond but you know… black makes you thinner XD ) I bought the fabric from IKEA. VEEEEERY CHEAP. VERY. because I tought why should I spend a lot of money for something that I don’t know if will come out right? so I decided for black cheap cotton.

But actually the dress came out Ok! It has a really simple bodice with 2 vertical darts and a round neckline.

,IMG_7801  I made a knee length full skirt ( so proud Of that even if its super easy) and i basted the all thing ( for the first time..)

The tricky part for me was the zipper. Never placed a zipper before. NEVER.

And in fact I placed it 3 time before i was almost satisfied of the result ( and I’m still a bit ashamed of it but ok. ( that’s why no photo of that) XD )

but at the end it was fine and i’m really happy for my  first little black dress, that as a 50ties something appeal to me 🙂 I can pair it with as many things that I like, most of the time with some colored stuff and it always  flatters my waist a loooooot amd the more he does that the more I love it 😀


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