2 green necklesses to pair with the Green Maxi Dress!

verde rosso e verde

The Green maxidress is best if paired with a neckless, that’s why a made 2!

I’ve told you that before trying to lear sewing, I was fond ( and still am) of necklesses DIY.

After i made the maxi dress, whorth repeting, my 1st ever solo dress, made completely by my self 🙂 ( still proud even after 1 year) I thought that the dress needed some accessories to go with it!

that’s why there is the Pig Pearl greenish and red charms that I found vert charming and it reminds me of a east neckelss and the green one, made with grograins, bottons pearls and other little sewable objects. I love them both… what about you?

let me know what you think! 🙂


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