I always had a thing for coats, capes, scarfs….

but really coats and capes are my love.

I mentioned that my mom is very good at sewing and this is what we made together!

( unfortunately I’m not yet brave enough to made one of my own)

I found this soft caramel wool in a sale together with a MaxMara lining in offer! that was wonderful! ( we used it inside as lining and now it seem like I bought the all thing! )


I cutted the pattern ( one of a very very old burda style) and hand sewed the hem. My mom cutted the fabric, constructed the all thing, placing interfacing and the MaxMara lining and made the pocket hole. Together we did the collar.

It was really very interesting doing something that complicated ( the first time I worked with my mum that belived that I was a complete imbecile in sewing…and maybe she still does)

but I’m so happy with the result! is very chic and modern!


2 thoughts on “Cape!

  1. Working with Mum is one of the nicest things about sewing. I think most daughters will always enjoy their Mum’s sewing! Mine has been sewing and mending things for us for as long as I can remember!


    1. The first time I tried she was very disappointed because she thought that I was trying to do something to hard as 1st project ( pijamas) after 1 year she still shuts at me because I make too much stuff! XD


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