Hi everyone!

Those are the first pijama that I ever made.

There is an History behind those. W & T are the initials of me and my boyfriend nicknames. I will not tell you what they really mean, but you are free to guess! XD

It was November 2013 and me and T. was about to celebrate our 1st anniversary together. As said, i was living in the Netherlands at that time, so we didin’t see each other a lot. I wanted to make something for him, to create something that could make as closer… and what’s better than coordinated pijamas to make us a team? 😀

Really simple pattern taken from a T-shirt and 2 main colors Yellow and Grey.

And to make stuff even sweeter….Made with love!

( in reality I cutted the front and the back neckline the same shape… and i needed to fill the back! shame on me!)

but… I loved it!

here’s the final result! what do you think! 😀


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